Custom Label Converter
Most folks are puzzled by prepress guidelines. Need help pulling it together?
Bring us what you have and we will be happy to work with you. Here are a few things to get you started..... Adobe editable files are best. The native layered file is preferred. Images for the best reproduction should be 300 ppi. Internet images at 72 ppi don't reproduce well. Let your graphics person know that your files need to be built according to the colors in your label quote. We need to separate the files into the number of colors quoted for plates. Include the name and phone number of your graphics person and we can talk to them directly to save you time. We can customize your art for you at an hourly fee if the file is editable. Microsoft files just cause everyone extra headaches.
If you are a professional such as a graphic artist or a brand manager, here are a few other details that you might be interested in..... Printing Process: Flexography Plate Type: 0.067” Dot Shape: Round Angles: C 7.6⁰ M 67.5⁰ Y 82.5⁰ K 37.5⁰ Minimum Dot: 5% Max Dot: 95% Cut Back: 15% Lines per Inch: 150 Densities (Status T): C 1.30-1.40 M 1.20-1.30 Y.95-1.05 K 1.45-1.55 Max Colors: 7 (Plus 1 Coating) Minimum Trap: 0.007” Minimum Rule Width: 0.004” Minimum Positive Type: 4 pt Minimum Reverse Rule Width: 0.006” Minimum Reverse Type: 6 pt UPC Magnification: 80%-200% UPC Bar Width Reduction: 0.003” File Format: Layered Adobe EPS, AI and/or editable PDF files preferred. Vector artwork and 300 ppi images preferred. Bleed: 0.125” White Holdback/Undercut: 0.01”
The bottom line.....we will help you.