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LUMBER TAGS Customized Thermal Transfer Printable Lumber Tags
Many lumber tag film materials will split or tear after being stapled and exposed to extreme wind conditions (cruising down the highway). Ranger uses high performance biaxually reinforced films that won't tear. Film strength is oriented in both directions. These tag materials also chemical resistant and UV resistant. Do your tags curl or turn brown on the edges coming out of the kiln? Ranger tags are heat resistant and are manufactured to withstand high kiln temperatures.
Your lumber tags need to survive many extreme conditions. While cruising down the highway at 65 miles per hour, your tag does not need to fly off. Your tag does not need to melt in a high temperature kiln and your barcode and all other pertinent information you print does not need to smear or rub off. You can't be where your lumber ends up. Ranger has high performance line of heavy duty film products specifically designed for lumber identification. Are you using the right thermal transfer ribbon? Does your print and barcode smear? Have you done a scrape test? Ranger thermal transfer ribbons solve all of these potential problems.
Your thermal printers operate in harsh environments. Ranger tag materials have a smooth top coating that will prolong the life of your printheads and printheads are expensive! We have those, also! Lumber Tough Kiln Proof Staple Proof Wind Proof