Custom Label Converter
Harsh Environment, Extreme ID, Polyesters, Vinyls,Other Films
What Is Your Harsh Environment Application? Polyesters and vinyls for your Extreme ID's combined with adhesives that won't let go. Ranger makes labels that "stay" when you "stick" them.
Oily surface U.V. protection Extreme heat Need a bulletproof printer ribbon?
Ranger offers a complete line of durable adhesives and film products to meet demanding applications. Choosing the right solution has become more challenging. There are numerous types of surface materials from smooth to textured, and from nonporous metals to low-surface energy plastics to which durable goods nameplates and labels must adhere. Some surfaces may require the use of a heavier adhesive coat weight to provide extra bond strength. Even more aggressive adhesives may be necessary if the surface is textured, or if acrylic paint has been replaced with powder-coated paint to improve durability and scratch-resistance of the painted surface.
We might have a solution..... What you stick matters.